Peter Heinemann Geschäftsleiter Werkzeuge / COO
Peter Heinemann Geschäftsleiter Werkzeuge / COO
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QUICK-CHANGE tool system
for multi-tasking and turning lathes

The whole range of the system contains solutions for the most CNC lathes centres.
Complementary on the machine tool with BMT / VDI or other connections.
The tool connection is based on DIN/ISO standards with HSK 40/63/100, PSC40/50/63 and KM 40/50/63. The tool change is very simple and quick.

• Increase productivity by reducing non-productive time
• Very quick tool changing time
• Perfect repeatability with fixed tool geometry
• Useable for all machine brands
• Flexible with HSK, PSC and KM tools
• Cost efficient

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